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The European Parliament is welcoming visitors to its facilities in Brussels and Strasbourg and in the Europa Experiences across the continent. Keep an eye on our Covid-19 page for more information about what you can visit Main page of the Petitions Portal. General information, most recently uploaded petitions and further links to procedural pages. Further links to the European Parliament website 705 Deputaţi europeni. Parlamentul European este format din 705 de deputați, care sunt aleși prin vot direct. Desfășurare meniu. ADAMOWICZ Magdalena. ADEMOV Asim. ADINOLFI Isabella. ADINOLFI Matteo. AGIUS SALIBA Alex. AGUILAR Mazaly Parliamentary questions are questions addressed by Members of the European Parliament to other European Union Institutions and bodies. They are a direct form of parliamentary scrutiny of other EU institutions and bodies Network Login. Network Access Service. To proceed, please authenticate below. Access Code: Physical token: 4-Digit PIN followed by the 6-digit token code. SMS token: PIN code and follow the instructions on the next page. Username

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Housed in the grounds of the former residence of painter Antoine Wiertz, the European Parliament has helped to preserve Brussels' heritage by restoring the garden. The concerts hark back to the soirées and gatherings organised by the 19th century Belgian artist, who modelled the garden on ancient Greece and Rome Tourist information - Brussels. Tourist information - Strasbourg. Tourist information - Strasbourg. Tourist information - Luxembourg. Tourist information - Luxembourg. Visit other EU institutions. Visit other EU institutions European Union - Official website of the European Union. Living, working, travelling in the EU. Information on your rights to live, work, travel and study in another EU country, including access to healthcare and consumer right

The European Parliament Hemicycle. Brussels. Hemicycle. The Hemicycle is the vibrant heart of European democracy, where Members of the European Parliament gather during plenary sessions to hold the largest and most important debates. It also provides the setting for historic votes that change the way people live across the European Union No media scheduled for Friday, 06 August 2021 . The closest scheduled around this date are available in the schedule of Friday, 16 July 2021 .You can also look for specific day by using the calendar feature here abov Please note that the European Parliament is closed on Sundays, office closing days and public holidays. In 2021: 14/07, 08/10 - 09/10, 01/11 - 02/11, 23/12 - 01/01/22. Covid-19 measure The European Youth Event (EYE) brings together at the European Parliament in Strasbourg thousands of young people from all over the European Union and beyond, to shape and share their ideas on the future of Europe.. It is a unique opportunity for 16 to 30 year olds to interact in-person and online, inspire each other and exchange their views with experts, activists, influencers and decision. Press conference by David SASSOLI, President of the European Parliament, Ursula von der LEYEN, President of the European Commission, and Janez JANŠA, Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia. Sonstige Veranstaltungen. Aufgezeichnet . Heute, 15:30 - 16:30

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Legislative Observatory. Welcome to the European Parliament's database for monitoring the EU decision-making process. Please explore the various features of the site such as the part-session calendar, search functions, procedure records with links to documentation and summaries of main documents Parlamentarium. Book during Covid-19. Multimedia guides lead visitors to the heart of the European Parliament, explaining the path towards European cooperation, how the European Parliament works and what its Members are doing to meet the challenges of today. It can be experienced in any of the European Union's 24 official languages Über uns. Das Multimedia-Zentrum ist eine nützliche Informationsquelle zu aktuellen Meldungen aus dem Europäischen Parlament. Seien es Zusammenfassungen von Meldungen von Europe by Satellite, Live-Berichterstattung in Rundfunk und Fernsehen, bearbeitete Videoaufnahmen, Fotos oder Archivbestände - wir können Ihnen behilflich sein. The European Pirates Delegation in the Greens/EFA group strongly condemns this automated mass surveillance, which effectively means the end of privacy in digital correspondence. Pirate Party MEPs plan to take legal action. In today's vote, 537 Members of the European Parliament approved Chatcontrol, with 133 voting against and 24 abstentions.[1

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European Parliament (EP) The European Parliament is the elected body of the European Union. The Parliament consists of 751 members elected by the people of the EU member states. The Members work. European Parliament | 551,725 followers on LinkedIn. EU's law-making body, directly elected by EU citizens. Stay up to date on the latest news at www.europarl.europa.eu | The European Parliament. [PDF] EU imports and exports of medical equipment - European Parliament Updated: 2 days ago Mar 23, 2020 · Responding to the shortage of medical products to tackle the coronavirus pandemic, a large number of countries implemented either de facto or. With the encouragement of Secretary-General Klaus Welle, the European Parliament is investing in not only Brussels office space but also the city's heritage. Following the House of European History and the Wiertz project, plans are now afoot to turn the Solvay building into a major European library Contemporary art holds a prominent place in the European Parliament, with over 500 artworks spread across its key working spaces. A daily reminder of the EU's journey so far and what is yet to be built and created. A celebration of the EU's united in diversity

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The President represents Parliament in all legal matters. The President addresses the European Council prior to each of its meetings, stating Parliament's viewpoint on the subjects on the agenda in the framework of a debate with the heads of state and government. The President represents Parliament in its international relations, and, in this. EP network of Political Houses and Foundations of Great Europeans gathers houses and foundations of leading figures who have made a significant contribution to the process of European integration since 1945 together.eu is a pan-European community that encourages everybody to participate in democracy.. People like you are standing up to take action towards a brighter future in the European Union. Whether it's by getting involved in the political process or helping promote the importance of voting - together, we can help democracy play its rightful part in the European Union

Discover the world of the European Parliament at the Parlamentarium, Europe's largest parliamentary visitors centre, and see why more than 2 million people have visited already Das Multimedia-Zentrum ist eine nützliche Informationsquelle zu aktuellen Meldungen aus dem Europäischen Parlament. Seien es Zusammenfassungen von Meldungen von Europe by Satellite, Live-Berichterstattung in Rundfunk und Fernsehen, bearbeitete Videoaufnahmen, Fotos oder Archivbestände - wir können Ihnen behilflich sein, wenn Sie etwas für die Berichterstattung über die. The European Parliament is the only directly-elected EU body. Members of the Parliament represent you, the citizen. Members of the European Parliament make decisions which affect you directly. The.

MEP Heart Group. The Members of the European Parliament (MEP) Heart Group is a forum which provides MEPs with an opportunity to generate dialogue, outreach and activities at EU and Member State level. It is made up of MEPs who have an interest in promoting measures that will help reduce the burden of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) in Europe and. Jaume Duch Guillot (Barcelona, 1962) is the Director-General for Communication of the European Parliament and its Spokesperson. He graduated in Law from the University of Barcelona (1980-1985), where he later also served as a Professor of International Public Law. In 1990 he became a European Parliament official and since then has always worked. Welcome to the European Parliament's database for monitoring the EU decision-making process. Please explore the various features of the site such as the part-session calendar, search functions, procedure records with links to documentation and summaries of main documents. Please sign up to My Observatory where you can store your searches and request notifications Coronavirus - Important information. NEW - updated 08/06/2021: EPSO is constantly monitoring the evolution of the coronavirus COVID-19. Due to the unpredictability of the situation, EPSO is still following all appropriate precautionary measures in line with the instructions and guidelines provided by the EU institutions and national. 'Europarl' Youtube Channel (since January 2007) features speeches in the European Parliament, initially mostly by the then UKIP leader Nigel Farage MEP, now Leader of The Brexit Party and.

Le centre multimédia est une mine d'informations permettant de couvrir les dossiers d'actualité au Parlement européen. Contenu produit par Europe by Satellite, résumés de l'actualité, audio et vidéo en direct, productions vidéo, photographies, fichiers d'archives, nous pouvons vous fournir ce dont vous avez besoin pour couvrir. El centro multimedia es una valiosa fuente de información sobre las últimas noticias del Parlamento Europeo. Tanto si se trata de resúmenes de noticias de Europa por satélite, vídeos o audios en directo, vídeos editados, fotografías o material de archivo, podemos ayudarle a obtener el contenido que necesita para cubrir las actividades del Parlamento Europeo, o simplemente para estar. Visit the Hemicycle in Brussels to find out about the European Parliament's powers and role. Book a visit for up to 9 people with a multimedia guide or a talk with a European Parliament speaker.All visits are free. Most types of visit are available in all 24 European Union languages EYE2021 will run virtual activities from 4 October, leading up to the main event on 8 and 9 October 2021, offering a variety of virtual, hybrid and in-person activities in Strasbourg, co-created with partners, youth organisations and participants themselves.. Currently the EYE2021 programme features 30 activities organised by European Parliament´s services and other European institutions MEPs voted in favour of banning the practice of caged animal farming, with 558 in favour, 37 against and 85 abstentions.READ MORE : https://www.euronews.com/..

After Juncker's rant in parliament about how few politicians turned up, we look back at some other bust-ups in European ParliamentGet the latest headlines: h.. The European Council and the Council of the EU are served by a single administration, the General Secretariat of the Council (GSC)

The European Union has vaccinated 70 percent of its adult population with one shot. The EU has kept its word and delivered, said EU Commission president, Ursula von der Leyen. However, only 57 percent of adult Europeans are fully-vaccinated This site uses cookies to improve your experience and to help show content that is more relevant to your interests. By using this site, you agree to the use of cookies by Flickr and our partners as described in our cookie policy European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium. 2,612,067 likes · 26,379 talking about this. The European Parliament is the only directly-elected EU body. Members of the Parliament represent you, the citizen

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VoteWatch Europe is a small, independent not-for-profit organisation. Our goal is to promote better insight into EU politics by making information on the decision-making process of the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers available in a user-friendly, searchable format European law shall apply to this contract, in particular the financial regulation (CE, Euratom 2018/1046) and the European Parliament's general conditions of contract, complemented by Belgian law. This service contract shall cover architectural, structural engineering and environmental expertise (key competences), as well as any other.

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  1. Debate in Parliament. 29/04/2021. Decision by Parliament, 1st reading. T9-0145/2021. 29/04/2021. Matter referred back to the committee responsible. 26/05/2021. Approval in committee of the text agreed at 1st reading interinstitutional negotiations. PE694.994
  2. The European Parliament has formally set a goal to make the entire European Union carbon neutral by 2050. Members of the European Parliament passed the Climate Act on Thursday in a vote of 442 for, 203 against, and 51 abstentions. The Act also increased the EU's goal to reduce carbon emissions from 44 per cent of 1990 levels to 55 per cent by.
  3. 2021/0129 (COD) ***I. Transitional provisions of certain machinery fitted with engines in the power range between 56kW and 130kW, and above 300kW in order to address the impact of COVID-19 crisis
  4. Visit European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium. 13,854 likes · 174 talking about this. Welcome to the official Facebook page of the European Parliament Visitors Services! Before visiting, please..
  5. The European Commission has approved a supply contract with U.S. firm Novavax for the purchase of up to 200 million COVID-19 vaccines, the European Commission said on Wednesday. News Climate.
  6. A sometimes tearful Greta Thunberg criticised EU leaders in Strasbourg for not taking the threat posed by climate change seriously enough. The 16-year-old ac..

Subscribe to our YouTube channel for free here: https://sc.mp/subscribe-youtubeThe European Parliament gave its final approval to the United Kingdom's depart.. r/europeanparliament: Follow the news from the European Parliament. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcut The European Parliament has seven political groups uniting members of Parliament into political families. These groups mirror the political spectrum present. The European Parliament Election, 1999 was a European election for all 626 members of the European Parliament held across the 15 European Union member states on 10, 11 and 13 June 1999. The voter turn-out was generally low, except in Belgium and Luxembourg, where voting is compulsory and where national elections were held that same day.This was the first election where Austria, Finland and. Reproduction of the photos which are the property of the European Parliament (© European Union, year, EP, photographer name) or of third parties (© External source, year) and for which the European Parliament holds the rights of use is authorized for non-commercial purposes only provided that the entire item is reproduced and the source is acknowledged

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  1. A resolution on abortion that will be voted on by the European Parliament on Thursday has proved so divisive that the MEP behind it has received hate mail, been compared to Hitler and had dolls of fetuses sent to his office. The text — on the situation of sexual and reproductive health and rights in the EU, in the frame of women's health.
  2. In the case of the European Parliament, the situation is even more absurd because that body has so little power even within the European Union. Its principal function is to rubber-stamp legislative proposals made by the unelected European Commission which wields the real power in the EU
  3. 2016/0280 (COD) COD - Ordinary legislative procedure (ex-codecision procedure) Directive. Amending Directive 96/9/EC 1992/0393 (COD) Amending Directive 2001/29/EC 1997/0359 (COD) Subject. 2.40 Free movement of services, freedom to provide. 3.30.06 Information and communication technologies, digital technologies
  4. The European Parliament adopted the document on June 24 by a vote of 378 votes in favor, 255 against and 42 abstentions at its plenary session in Brussels, Belgium.. Last week, the European bishops denounced the text, insisting that the unborn child has a human right to life. In a June 17 position paper, the European Bishops' Commission (COMECE) responded to the resolution from the.
  5. European Parliament in Malta / Il-Parlament Ewropew f'Malta, Valletta, Malta. 31,573 likes · 49 talking about this. Our role is to keep you informed on how decisions taken in the European Parliament..
  6. Watch the European Parliament's videos for the latest news on European affairs. World (Opens New Window) Discover how the European Parliament tackles international policy issues with the latest EuroparlTV videos. Economy (Opens New Window) Watch our videos to find out how the European Parliament deals with current economic issues
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PRAGUE — The European Parliament has overwhelmingly voted to condemn Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš for conflicts of interest regarding EU subsidies paid to his Agrofert agricultural conglomerate. In the vote, taken late Wednesday and made public today, 505 MEPs voted in favor of the resolution, with only 30 voting against and 155 abstaining The European Parliament voted Wednesday to endorse a temporary patent waiver for coronavirus vaccines, bucking an intense lobbying campaign by the pharmaceutical industry and heightening pressure on E.U. member nations to end their opposition to the proposal at the World Trade Organization. This vote sends a strong signal that Europeans stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of the world. The European Parliament voted on June 24 to adopt a report describing abortion as essential healthcare and seeking to redefine conscientious objection as a denial of medical care

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European Parliament Interpreters, Brussels, Belgium. 26,453 likes · 36 talking about this · 29 were here. The European Parliament has one of the largest interpreting services in the world. As an.. Inside European Parliament Politics . Download or Read online Inside European Parliament Politics full in PDF, ePub and kindle. This book written by Laura Landorff and published by Springer which was released on 18 February 2019 with total pages 258 A focus on the European Parliament and how the European Union functions. Diverse topics on EU and current affairs. Subtitled in 24 languages. Suitable for history, language and geography lessons, and many more. Access the videos online at this site or on a USB stick which you can order here Individuals or members of the same household can book a self-guided visit using the form below. An interactive tablet with audio, text and videos about the museum and permanent exhibition is available in all 24 EU languages. Tablet content can be adapted with special explanations for students and children.Please note that booking in advance is mandatory for visiting the House of European.

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European Union > European Parliament (EP) https://www.europarl.europa.eu. Facebook Facebook Facebook. Rue Wiertz 60 / Wiertzstraat 60 • 1050 • (postal office Box: 1047) • Bruxelles / Brussel • Belgium. +32-228-42111 Free walking tours of the European quarter. Discover the European Parliament ́s buildings and everything about the European quarter: history, architecture, urbanism and the visiting offer The ECPRDs members are: the European Parliament, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and parliamentary chambers where the President is a member of the European Conference of Presidents of Parliament. Article 3 1. A parliament possessing special guest or observer status with the Parliamentary Assembly o

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VisitingEuropean Parliament. Jean Monnet House Bazoches sur Guyonne. Visit the interactive exhibition at Jean Monnet House in Bazoches-sur-Guyonne and discover the life and work of one of the architects of today's Europe. Group activity . Allowed size: 1-6p. EN - English. Self-guided visits EUR-Lex. europa.eu. bg Достъп до правото на Европейския съюз es El acceso al Derecho de la Unión Europea cs Přístup k právu Evroé unie da Adgang til EU-lovgivningen de Der Zugang zum EU-Recht et Juurdepääs Euroopa Liidu õigusaktidel Countries. The EU was not always as big as it is today. When European countries started to cooperate economically in 1951, only Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands participated. Over time, more and more countries decided to join. The Union currently counts 27 EU countries